Everything You Need

Every account starts with our core features that are designed to help you organize just about any event.

Domain Networking

Connect Myhub to any website using our domain networking tools.

Theme Editor

Design a beautiful, on-brand event calendar using our theme editor.

Rich Analytics

Track important analytics across all your events or drill down into specifics.

Event Management

Organize free or paid events with comprehensive event management tools.

Collect RSVPs

Keep track of who's RSVPd and how many guests you'll have.

Sell Tickets

Create multiple ticket types, organize them numerically, and track sales.

Event Invitations

Send invitations to your contacts and keep track of who registers.

Mobile Scanning

Check people in at the door and track attendance using our mobile app.

Manage Attendees

Build rich customer profiles for every attendee across all your events.

Activation Codes

Add activation codes to let customers access hidden ticket options.

Discount Codes

Add discount codes for event promotion and customer rewards.

Next Day Deposit

Get your money the day after your event ends or request an early payout.

CSV Downloads

Download a CSV of your data anytime via your dashboard.

SEO Optimized

All your content is SEO-optimized and indexed with major search engines.

Mobile Optimized

All your content is mobile optimized to ensure simple transactions on the go.

Social Sharing

With built-in sharing, your guests can quickly post your event to their timelines.

Customizable Widgets

Copy / paste a snippet of code to embed a calendar or checkout form on any website.

Secure Hosting

Myhub provides secure data hosting and follows PCI-Compliant best practices.


Unlock Your Potential

Browse our collection of addons to customize your Myhub dashboard and add functionality.

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