Recurring Events
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Recurring Events

Create recurring events for faster event planning.


This addon lets organizers create recurring events for faster event planning. Upon activation, we'll add a Recurring Events section to the event creation flow where you can create daily, weekly, or monthly events. Then, you can manage the entire recurring event series as a group when making changes.

How it Works
  • Create a new event.
  • Visit the Event Options screen.
  • Toggle Recurring Event.
  • Customize your schedule.
  • Save your event.
  • View your calendar.
Other Notes
  • Recurring Events can be setup on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
  • After creating a Recurring Event Series, you can't change the schedule itself.
  • When updating a Recurring Event, you have the option to update all events, all future events, or just the current event.
  • When updating a Recurring Event Series, we delete and then create several of the models as new.
  • If you need to change the schedule, you can either:
    • Modify the date / time for a specific event
    • Or, delete the series and start over.
  • Please contact support with any questions.