Experiences Matter

At Myhub, we believe experiences matter now more than ever. So we started Myhub as a way to build communities and bring people together.

Our Mission Is Simple

Empower organizers, spark conversation, inspire creativity, and bring people together through shared experiences.

Why Myhub

We're at an interesting cross-section in time where folks are able to share and consume information faster than ever-before. While that's generally a good thing, there's a dark side where our privacy is deteriorating and folks seem to be increasingly isolated behind their screens.

At Myhub, we believe that real world experiences matter, now more than ever, so we set out to build a platform that made it easy to organize events and bring people together. Hopefully, in that pursuit, we can encourage others to find and pursue common ground versus that which divides them.

We understand there are other platforms to choose from but we think you'll enjoy Myhub for it's smart design, competitive pricing, and scalability. Join the movement and start something today.

Growing Platform

Launched in 2015, Myhub's a proven event platform with over $500k processed across thousands of transactions.









Meet The Team

We're a small team united by a passion for the great outdoors and an entrepreneurial spirit. Heck, it's no wonder we work and play in Denver, Colorado.

Founder / Developer

Eric Hubbell

Eric's a software designer / developer with a background in sales and marketing. Prior to Myhub, Eric got his start in business as the Director of Marketing for KBS Golf Shafts.

Marketing / Operations

Jill Hubbell

Jill’s a savvy marketing professional with a knack for coordination and operational details. Outside the office, Jill's a seasoned event planner with a passion for the outdoors.

You Deserve a Better Event Platform.

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