Build Your Tribe.

Myhub is an event platform for the modern organizer. Our software combines social features with flexible, low-cost event planning tools so you can organize better events for less money.

Better Events Start Here

Myhub let's you plan more interactive and social events so you can connect with your community & build a stronger relationship with them. We're interested in helping you build an event strategy for the long-term, not just a quick ticket sale.

Collect RSVPs or Sell Tickets

Myhub can power all your events whether they're free, paid, large, small, public, private, and so on. The platform is flexible and easy-to-use so you can get started quickly, share access with teammates, and organize any event in a just a few minutes.

Track Everything In One Place

Access all your customer and event data in one place and take it with you whenever you want. We provide basic analysis tools, CSV downloads, and data integrations so you can automatically sync your data with other platforms seamlessly.

Publish On Any Website

Myhub offers a hosted, customizable event calendar free of charge so you don't need to build and maintain an event calendar on your website with half the functionality. We also offer free widgets that are easy to use and can be embedded on any website.

Designed For Brands & Small Businesses

From recurring events to custom surveys, event templates, mobile check-in, and more -- Myhub does the heavy lifting for you. We're here to help you save time and money all while building out a better event strategy for your organization.

Ready To Get Started?

Myhub charges a 2% + 95ยข fee per transaction. Free events are always free.